We provide trucking at $3.50 a loaded mile depending on distance. We can haul up to 25- 5 bar panels, or 20- wind breaks, or 2- calf shelters plus a variety of things, swinging gates that go on the end of panels, loading chutes, crowding tubs or whatever we manufacture.
WE BUY STEEL, drill stem, sheet steel, tubing and any steel for recycling.
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We are 2 miles North of the town of Riding Mountain, turn East on #261 go 2 miles, turn North on Rd. 85 and go 1 1/2 miles North on East side with long driveway.
We are also 2 miles South of Kelwood corner turn East and go 2 miles than turn South on Rd. 85 and go 1/2 a mile East side with long driveway.

Darrel Goossen is the president of this company